EXECUTIVE FUNCTION: Visual Charts for Kids Struggling with Executive Function & Organization Executive Functioning

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids

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Oftentimes children who struggle with Executive Function also struggle with organization and need to break down simple tasks through visualization. When creating visual planning charts, kids may find tasks to be less daunting and manageable as they get ready for school, complete chores, do their homework and find activities to keep them active after school.

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids | ilslearningcorner.com

Preparing charts with pictures helps a child remember the tasks they are assigned and makes it much easier for your child to follow. These exercises allow your child to not only visualize what they need to do in their head, but also improves their ability to follow directions and lowers the chance of them skipping steps, especially if they haven’t fully developed their executive functioning skills. Children can use these planning charts to establish healthy routines and better management skills as way of preparing the brain for higher learning in the classroom.

The visual planning charts below can help your child set a schedule for different tasks and gives you some ideas of how you can create your own charts for other chores and after school activities.

Getting Ready for School

With the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school each day, it can be tough to get everything ready for both you and your child. To help them better prepare for school each morning on their own, have your child use this visual planning chart to organize their backpack before going to school.

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids | ilslearningcorner.com

Pack your Lunch

Helping your child prepare their own lunch each morning can save you time and will give them an opportunity to choose good nutritional foods that keep them focused and attentive for learning. This is a great trick in the morning to exercise their brain for other organizational tasks they will perform throughout the day.

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids | ilslearningcorner.com

After School Chores

We all know after school is a time for chores, homework and even relaxation. Having your child complete a few simple chores each day after school will reorganize the brain and will sharpen their focus for completing homework. Chores also provides your child with heavy work to build their proprioception, gets the body moving and introduces brain breaks to rewire the brain for better executive function and organization. We all need a mental break, but working the body also means working the mind. This visual planning chart can help your child stay active and prepares them for homework after school.

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids | ilslearningcorner.com

Visual Planning Charts

To print a copy of these FREE visual planning charts, please complete the information below.

Executive Function: Visual Planning Charts for Unorganized Kids | ilslearningcorner.com

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  1. Ever since we were potty training, my daughter has been used to using charts (we used stickers on a sheet we colored together for each bathroom action). Charts are huge and I found that letting your kids help with what is on them – whether by coloring or coming up with the activities, is a great plus. These are a great resource for ideas!

    • That is wonderful! Charts really do make it easier for kids and make a huge difference when it comes to completing tasks. I love the reward charts too. I think they are so effective. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is SUCH a fabulous visual chart – I may need one for myself and I’m not even in school! 😀

  3. Our teen daughter is VERY disorganized.. and it just seems to get worse with age. These are some great tools I will for sure use to try and help her. Lists are such great tools!

    • My son was like that as a teenager too. I would have to tell him one task at a time. You can definitely customize these to fit a teenager. I found my son learned best when he had pictures could visualize what he was supposed to do.

  4. What a fantastic idea! I’m pinning this to one of my teaching boards!!

  5. these are wonderful!! kids will really enjoy them, i want them too!! =)

  6. I think this is very clever. Wish I could make something like that work with my high schooler. He can definitely read, but he’s not great at remembering to do his chores…

    • It can be tough and different for every child. I had a harder time with certain projects over others as well. I’m sure he’s doing great. If he’s a visual learner, any types of visual activities can help even when they are older.

  7. I think this would go a long ways with my eldest. She’s very visual…and not the most naturally organized person you’ll ever meet. Thanks for sharing something so practical!

  8. Love your after school exercises chart. Sometimes I have to prohibit my kids from doing their homework right away and get them to unwind otherwise the whole afternoon into evening is a mess. So important!

  9. This is great.. my son would love this. I need something like this for him when he gets ready in the morning!!

  10. What a fantastic idea for a centre. I’m sure it’s extremely helpful to those kids.

  11. Awesome tools to help kids get on track with exercising independence! Not to mention to make mom’s life a little easier. My favorite is the packing the backpack one… I have had to drive down to the school many times when something has been forgotten at home.

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