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How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes

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Many children struggle with the new Common Core Math standards. Multiple reasons exist, but one of the main issues we see is your child trying to tackle the idea of being able to explain how you arrived at the answer – not just memorizing a formula.

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

In the end, as long as we get the correct answer then no worries right? That may be true for us as adults, but with the new Common Core Math standards, kids are required to follow certain methods to show they understand math facts and concepts. And, in the journey through those early school years, it will serve the child best if they understand how they arrived at the answer. This propels them into a deeper understanding of other subjects and possibly a different career path that they would otherwise overlook.

To help them grow a passion and excitement for alternative career options, I love when I see girls and boys excited about science and math. The more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities they are involved in the better. However, as they move from elementary into Jr. High, their excitement for STEM activities can quickly end or it can flourish all depending on their understanding of some basic concepts that are being taught in the second grade. Who would have thought it begins at such a young age?

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

2nd Grade Common Core Math Standards

So now that the standards have changed for all school-aged children, what can we expect as parents and students? To help parents know what math standards to reinforce at home, here are some of the central Common Core Math standards taught in second grade:

  • Students need to understand place value. They must have the concept that ones, tens and hundreds place are separate and that each is made up of separate bundles (for example, 100 can be thought of as a bundle of ten tens). For an example, click here.
  • Students should be able to add and subtract within 1,000, using concrete models or drawings with different strategies based on place value. For an example, click here.
  • Students should relate the strategy to a written method. For an example, click here.
  • Students need to explain why different addition and subtraction methods work. For an example, click here.
  • Students should be able to represent whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line with equally spaced points corresponding with the correct whole number within 100. For an example, click here.

Parents Tips and Resources

Many of these new requirements can be confusing to parents since several of us learned a different method than our children are learning today. So with the knowledge of what your child is attempting to learn, what are some easy ways to reinforce this knowledge at home? Here are five tips to make math homework a more positive experience for your child:

Positive Comments

Yes, you may think it is a really dumb way to teach an addition problem, but stop yourself from expressing this to your child. It will not help your child hearing about how silly you think what his or her teacher just taught them in school that day.

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

Calm and Supportive

Take a deep breath and realize that being supportive and calm at home is far more important than actually knowing how this particular diagram works in a certain math problem.

Online Help

Realize you have help available online. Here is a great flip book that includes Common Core Math State Standards for second graders.

Math Toys

Buy a Base Ten Starter Set on Amazon for $25.99. It’s the best educational purchase I have made for my kids. They use them constantly!

Math Games and Worksheets

As you review these standards for second grade, I bet you noticed a common theme – Place Value is mentioned all over the Core standards. Since this concept will be a reoccurring idea all through second grade and throughout your child’s math journey, there are a few resources available to help you make it easier for your child. When dealing with my own Common Core Math challenges with my children, I found a fun, interactive game that the whole family can try.

The game is called Trash Can Math. The only items you need are a pair of dice and worksheets you can download here. This can be a game that the entire family joins in on, or it can just be solitary game for one child. Try it out and be impressed when your second grader starts understanding the place value concepts that are being taught at school.

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

Second grade can be an intense year in school, especially with the subject of math. Using these tips and resources to help your little scholars can make a real difference in their future and will help them soar to new heights. Keep open communication with your child’s teacher and don’t be afraid to ask questions or request further help with the Common Core Math standards that is being covered in the classroom. Be the advocate for your child so he or she will have a step ahead in their educational journey.

How to Combat 2nd Grade Common Core Math Woes |

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