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Washington Post: In this classroom, the kids can’t sit still |

In this classroom, the kids can’t sit still

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Wonderful article in the Washington Post about how one school is using play-based learning activities to “have students involved with some type of physical activity while helping their brains.”

We often talk about how important these types of movement activities connect the neural pathways in the brain for higher learning. That is why so many children with ADHD, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders benefit from these types of activities at home and in the classroom. Many times, it’s the key to opening the door for learning higher concepts like reading, math, spelling, auditory processing and retention of academic concepts.

What’s even more exciting, is this school is using some of the exact same activities we do at our center to help these children build the muscle tone needed for writing with a pencil, having enough breath for speech and calming anxiety, meltdowns and behavior issues to improve focus and attention in the classroom.

In this video, Dave Spurlock couldn’t have said it better:

“There is another neurotransmitter that is directly connected to muscle movement in the body. That’s like taking miracle grow and putting it on the brain. And what we need to do as teachers is plant the seed in that well cultivated brain and that well cultivated brain comes about by movement and exercise.”

For more details, click here.

Washington Post Video: In this classroom, the kids can’t sit still |

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