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Top 10 Books for Halloween to help Early Readers |

Top 10 Books for Halloween to help Early Readers

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Halloween is one of the best holidays to get your kids excited about reading, especially those early readers who are just learning their letters, sight words and sounds.

There are so many fun books for Halloween available that will get your kids in the Halloween spirit and it’s such a great evening activity as the kids begin winding down before bedtime. In fact, turning off the electronic devices at least one hour before bed actually prepares the brain and the body for a better night’s sleep. This is especially helpful for those children who are anxious or have a difficult time sleeping, which could lead to poor classroom performance the next day. Reading with the kiddos before bed can be a great alternative option to bright screens and television.

Certain children’s books for Halloween can really help with your child’s reading development. Many of the Halloween choices help your child recognize the words and letters they are learning in school. It is also a great way to help them develop their speech so they can hear their voice as they read with you.

What’s even more important, is reading with your children oftentimes creates a special bond with you and your child and allows both of you to have better communication skills with each other. As the holidays approach, it’s a good time to talk with your child to develop a closer relationship so they can express their anxieties and fears. It makes your reading time more valuable and productive. Why is this important for developing reading skills? Because communication is so closely related with reading, it will not only enhance their verbal skills and critical thinking, but it helps them to improve their comprehension and use of vocabulary as they are reading. This is especially important for when they need to develop their reading skills for timed tests as they grow older.

Halloween is one of those holidays where we can take advantage of getting our kids excited about reading. If we use books for Halloween as a way to develop our child’s reading technique and skills, it gives early readers the chance to cultivate their love of learning when they are young. We want them to get excited about the time that is spent with books over electronic devices as much as possible. The benefits will only enhance their school performance and knowledge as they grow older.

10 Top Book Picks for Halloween

If you are having trouble finding some good books for Halloween, we have a few favorites that your kids will love and enjoy. Many of them are geared toward children who are learning to read and write. These are also easy to find and will be books the whole family enjoys at varying ages.

1. Ten Timid Ghosts (Amazon $2.31)

2. The night before Halloween (Amazon $3.78)

3. Room on the Broom (Amazon $6.28)

4. The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin (Amazon $4.97)

5. Halloween Hustle (Amazon $8.99)

6. There was an Old Mummy who swallowed a Spider (Amazon $10.99)

7. One, Two…Boo! (Amazon $3.59)

8. Big Pumpkin (Amazon $6.28)

9. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat (Amazon $3.38)

10. Clifford’s Halloween (Amazon $3.78)

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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