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Sensory Clothes: Clothing Items for Fidgeting and Behavior |

Sensory Clothes: Clothing Items for Fidgeting and Behavior

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Clothes are sometimes the hardest gifts for children to receive during the holiday season, but many parents still want their kids to have fun pajamas or outfits for when they go back to school. If you have a child with sensory disorders, you know dressing them in the morning can lead to fights and frustration. Children with sensory disorders often struggle with textures of clothing, tags, seams, zippers or buttons.

Sensory Clothes: Clothing Items for Fidgeting and Behavior |

This holiday season, you want to find your child comfortable sensory clothes that reduces fidgeting and also provides soft material to help them stay comfortable throughout the day. Your child’s clothes could mean the difference in the classroom if they can’t attend and focus because of textures that bother them. Another great reason to find them the right types of sensory clothes for their sensory needs is that many of these items provide tactile-friendly features to enhance the sensory input they receive. For example, many of the items below have pockets for weighted items, fidgets attached or materials allowing them to chew on their clothes. These small attachments really help calm a sensory child’s body, which allows them to listen to the teacher and follow directions in school rather than being distracted by uncomfortable clothing.

For more details on why sensory clothes make a difference for children with sensory disorders, check out “Sensory Processing 101: Why All Parents and Teachers Should Read Sensory Processing 101.”

Sensory Clothes for the Holidays

As you finish up your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to put a few of these clothing items on your list. Here are some of our favorites.

Sensory Pants with Fidgets

These pants are great for children who dislike certain textures of clothing, zippers, snaps or seams against their skin. What I love about these pants is that they have pockets with fidgets as well pockets for weighted items that will help them focus and concentrate.

Click here for the sensory pants you see above.

Seamless Socks

Socks with seams can really bother children and may cause them to fidget if they are uncomfortable. These socks have no seams and they even have grips at the top so your children can easily put them on their feet. The material is soft and comfortable so it doesn’t bother their skin and there are several choices for both boys and girls.

Click here for the sensory socks above.

Deep Pressure Tank Top

What many parents and teachers don’t know is that some children with sensory issues need weighted vests or deep pressure clothing to help calm their bodies. The deep pressure of the clothing is self-calming and helps children regulate their behavior.

Click here for this sensory tank top.

Sensory Shorts

These sensory shorts also provide deep pressure for children and they don’t have seams or zippers that would bother your child.

Click here for the sensory shorts above.

Weighted Vest for School

Here is a weighted vest that works for both boys and girls. I like this one because it is soft, comfortable, and there are no tags or fastens. It has simple Velcro closures and it also has fidgets and pockets for weighted items.

Click here for the weighted vest above.

Denim Skirt

This denim skirt has an elastic waistband instead of a zipper to help your child feel more comfortable. It includes a pocket for tactile objects and fidgets.

Click here for the skirt above.

Chewable Necklaces

Many of my students love chewing on items, including their pencils, which is a sign that they need tactile objects to chew on. Here are some chewable necklaces to help kids when they are taking tests or when they need to concentrate on what the teacher is teaching.

Click here for the necklaces above.

Cotton Pajamas

One of the toughest parts of the day for children with sensory disorders is bedtime. So many parents say that bedtime causes meltdowns and tears because it is so tough for them to sleep. Finding the right pair of pajamas could make a difference. You will want to avoid textures like wool and maybe even flannel. Cotton is usually your best bet. These cotton minion pajamas are perfect or you can also find some with short sleeves if long sleeves bother them at night.

Click here for the pajamas below.

Sleep Headphones

Part of the problem for children with sensory disorders when they sleep is they can hear just about everything. It could be something as simple as the hum of a dryer. Some children need noise-cancelling headphones or calming music to sleep. Here are some soft comfortable headphones your child can use if they enjoy music to help them sleep. The material is comfortable and soft for kids.

Click here for the sleep headphones above.

Compression Shirt

Here’s a great compression shirt specially made for children with sensory disorders. It hugs your child’s body to provide the deep pressure they need to regulate emotions.

Click here for the compression shirt above.


For children who need lots of tactile intervention, these SensyScarfs are great for school and the winter months. It allows your child to chew on it if they need to and they can also play with the tassels throughout the day to help reduce fidgeting.

Click here for the scarf above.

Sensory Belt

This weighted sensory belt was specially designed for children with sensory disorders. It hugs your child’s waist and isn’t too obvious that they would be asked questions by other students. I give your child that sensory diet they need for calming behavior and it includes a loop for fidgeting.

Click here for the sensory belt above.

Sensory Clothes: Clothing Items for Fidgeting and Behavior |

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