VESTIBULAR: Best Vestibular and Hand-Eye Coordination Tools for Sensory Integration Development

Vestibular Toys and Hand-eye Coordination Toys

This article provides vestibular toys for better learning development. Affiliate links are included for your convenience.

Providing your child with certain toys can help them learn. Many of these items can improve your child’s vestibular, gross motor skills, tactile, sensory, proprioception and hand-eye coordination. As we improve your child’s balance and coordination, focus and attention, visual system and core muscle with these toys, we help your child to track words on a page, copy notes from the chalkboard, improve handwriting, and get thoughts down on paper.

Vestibular and Hand-eye Coordination Toys for Easter |

Vestibular and Hand-Eye Coordination Toys

Some of our favorite toys to improve your child’s vestibular system include the following:
vestibular and proprioception    vestibular and proprioceptionvestibular and proprioceptionvestibular and proprioception



Balance Pods   Stability Cushion  Catch-a-ball        Body Socks

vestibular and proprioception  vestibular and proprioceptionvestibular and proprioception vestibular and proprioception



Balanced Teeter  Scoop Loop        Riverstones       Sensory Stixx

vestibular and proprioception  vestibular and proprioception  vestibular and proprioception  vestibular and proprioception



Tactile Balls       Wobble Deck       Pogo Jumper     Scooter Board

vestibular and proprioception




Hammock Pod

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Vestibular and Hand-eye Coordination Toys for Easter |

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