Essay Writing: Simple Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Essay Writing Writing

Essay Writing: Simple Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Essay Writing

Integrated Learning Strategies is excited to feature tips for essay writing. While many of the recommendations below are great for children and parents, some accommodations or exceptions may be made for children with learning challenges and learning disabilities. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

Essay writing is a task that almost every child hates. Even the word ‘essay’ causes tears, tantrums and a whole lot of stress. The thing is, if your child has any chance of being a successful student, they need to have high-quality essay writing skills. Whether they’re seven-years-old or 15, knowing how to write an essay is essential for your child’s future.

The good news is that most essay-related arguments are caused because kids aren’t sure how to go about creating a good essay. Because they don’t know how to structure the text or what to put where, it takes them hours, which makes essay writing a task that they hate. However, if you help them to become a better writer, it won’t take as long to do.

Essay Writing: Simple Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Essay Writing |

To help you teach your child to be a more successful essay writer, here are a few useful tips.

Teach them about essay structure

When it comes to essays, the structure is important. A good essay has an introduction, a body paragraph for each point, and a conclusion. The introduction simply introduces the topic. While the body paragraphs argue the point or give evidence, and the conclusion rounds up the topic and what the essay says. Explain to your child that just like writing a letter to their pen pal, an essay also needs to follow set structural rules. It’s also worth mentioning about how to format an essay, as this is important as they get older. A badly formatted piece can lead to a lower grade. So make sure also to explain about formatting.

Explain the importance of research

The reason many kids struggle with essays is because they don’t do adequate research. You need to explain to your child that as well as using what they’ve learned at school, to produce a good piece of work research is also important. For this, books or the internet are a great resource. Tell your child to note down anything that they find that could be useful as they can then use it to support their essay topic. Research doesn’t have to be dull, if you help your child and make it fun, they’ll learn to enjoy it.

Show them how to break a topic down

Essays can seem overwhelming, which can cause kids to panic about them. The best way you can make essay writing easier for them is to show them how to break the topic down. If for example, the essay title is ‘Sir Francis Drake: Hero or Villain?’, all they would need to do is write two lists of evidence. One containing the evidence that Sir Francis Drake was a hero and one that has all the reasons he wasn’t. These two lists can then be used for your child to argue their point in the essay. It’s also worth explaining about how they can use an essay plan to make writing their next assignment easier. An essay plan is a great tool as it allows them to draft the outline of the piece and the points they want to make, before writing it. This makes putting the essay together, much easier.

Tell them how to edit

Essay Writing: Simple Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Essay Writing |

To help your child increase their chances of getting a good grade, encourage them to double check their work. This is important as by doing this they can spot errors or mistakes, helping to increase the grade that they get. Tell your child that once their essay is complete, it’s a good idea to read it back out loud. This will make spotting any problems easier. You can also offer to read it for them so that you can point out any mistakes that they have missed.

Encourage practice

The key to success when it comes to essay writing is practice. The problem is that most schools only ask children to write one or two practice essays a term. This means that they’re not getting enough practice to improve their assignment writing skills. The best way to manage this is to set them practice essays yourself. To make this fun, give them exciting topics. For instance, if they’re Marvel mad, ask them to write an essay titled ‘In a battle to the death who would win Hulk or Captain America?’. If you make essay writing fun and relevant to their interests, you’ll find that they’re more likely to be happy to practice it.

So there you have it, the simple things you can do to help your child improve their essay writing skills. This is important, as essay writing is a big part of a child’s school career. So if they want to be successful, it’s best to master it sooner rather than later.

Essay Writing: Simple Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Essay Writing |

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