Love Language: Improving Your Vocabulary Reading

Love Language: Improving Your Vocabulary

Integrated Learning Strategies is excited to feature how to help kids with vocabulary in this guest post. While many of the recommendations below are great for select children and parents, some accommodations or exceptions may be made for children with learning challenges and learning disabilities. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

Being able to communicate with other humans is one of the most fantastic gifts. The words we use can accurately describe, explain and pass on a message to others- it’s why we’re so successful as a species. It goes without saying that the more words you know and understand, the better you’re able to get your point across. Even after we finish school and learning in a classroom setting, we should continue to learn and improve all the time, and your vocabulary is definitely one area you should aim to do so. Language is fascinating, and with so many different words out there, it’s quite surreal to think that we can get to adulthood without hearing so many of them. For example, have you ever heard of snollygoster, tresaiel or bindlestiff?! Here are some simple ways you can brush up your vocabulary.

Love Language: Improving Your Vocabulary |

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Reading is a fantastic way to expose yourself to lots of new words. Really mix up the pieces you read, aim to read books from times gone by as well as modern pieces. If you find there’s a word in a sentence that you don’t understand, look it up! If you’re reading a traditional book, you could search it on your phone. If you are already reading on a phone, tablet or e-reader, many programs give you the option to tap the word and look up the definition right from the e-book. Reading really does make you smarter, so if you want to expand your vocabulary, this is a great place to start.

Love Language: Improving Your Vocabulary |


A great way to explore language and words is to write. Whether it’s a journal, a blog or a story- get your creative juices flowing and experiment with different words. Don’t be afraid to use the thesaurus often- teach yourself different ways to say similar things. This is because each word has its own unique meaning, even if it differs slightly it allows you to say exactly what you mean. Studying a new subject is another great way to learn new words. You could sign up to an online college or university if you wanted to work from home, or go with something more informal just for fun. Each subject will have it’s own jargon so learning more and becoming familiar with these words will expand your vocabulary.

Make it Fun

Vocabulary might seem like a tough area, let’s face it no one is going to sit and read the dictionary for fun. However there are ways to make it much more manageable, and fun too. For example, there are numerous educational apps out there these days, if you want something that is fun and easy, this is the way to go. Choose an app which teaches you new words, and keep challenging yourself until they’re firmly cemented into your brain. There are free Youtube videos and other online materials too which can make it into more of a game- even for adults. Even crosswords, word searches and other puzzles will get your brain ticking over and expose you to new words and meanings.

Chat To Others

Finally, speaking to other people allows you to put your vocabulary to use. Speak to people who are different ages to you, from different backgrounds- take notice of the words they use. Make conversation in person or chat online, thanks to the internet we have the ability to communicate with people all over the world. If you stay within your ‘circle’- friends and family from the same place chances are you’ll use the same words and local lingo again and again. Speaking to new people pushes the boundaries. Plus you could make friends and learn something new too, which is no bad thing! Paying attention to words and vocabulary will allow you to expand and develop your own. Focus on the way people speak and the words they choose, it’s incredibly interesting.

So there you have it, simple ways you can boost your vocabulary starting from today. Don’t find yourself in a position where you’re fumbling for words again, or getting frustated because you can’t express yourself in the way that you want. Say exactly what you mean and enjoy the beauty of language! It’s something none of us should take for granted. Have fun with it, experiment and of course keep learning!

Love Language: Improving Your Vocabulary |

Would you class yourself as having a large vocabulary? Or do you find yourself getting lost with books, films or conversations when unfamiliar words are used?

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