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Balance Toys for Concentration and ADHD-like Behaviors |

Balance Toys for Improving Concentration and ADHD-like Behaviors

This article provides helpful tips for purchasing balance toys to improve attention and focus in the classroom. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

Balance toys are one of the easiest and most playful motivators for getting kids moving! You may not know it, but balance is one of the prime ingredients when helping kids attend and focus in the classroom. So…why not use a few fun toys to build a child’s balance skills without them realizing it?

Balance Creates a Foundation for Learning

Children begin working on specific balance milestones when they are tiny babies. These skills are needed for a child’s future learning growth and development. Kids often develop these skills naturally, but there are those who may not have had opportunities to strengthen their balance skills when they were young.

Balance allows kids to sit in their chair and concentrate when needed. It also gives kids the visual skills needed for tracking words on the page, viewing images and writing letters. If a child does not have good balance, they may get dizzy or disoriented when trying to copy notes from the chalkboard. Or, the child may display ADHD-type symptoms because they can’t listen and focus on the teacher.

If you suspect your child or students have poor balance that could lead to other types of delays, you can watch for a few important signs and symptoms that can give you more insight. A few simple balance tests can be done at home or in your therapy sessions to determine if balance toys and other balance activities are needed.

Why use Balance Toys?

Balance toys can be used to target areas of foundational development that may help with learning as kids grow older. Using simple toys like scuba flippers and stepping stones to play the floor is lava can create fun and playful ways for a better and stronger balance system. Obstacle courses are by far one of the most favorite and give kids multiple opportunities for balance.

In therapy sessions, improving balance doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Using a few tools and balance toys can create a more interactive environment for the students. In addition, balance toys keep kids motivated and engaged with the goals you hope to accomplish.

Balance Toys for Learning

Many of the toys below target different areas of balance, including static and dynamic balance. Both areas of development are needed for multiple levels of learning. Giving kids the opportunity for more balance will only enhance their abilities in the classroom. And, with toys like these, you won’t have as hard of a time getting kids to participate!

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