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Beginner Box Activities for Balance |

Beginner Box Activities for Balance

This article provides beginner box activities to help kids with balance skills and motor development. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

Need more activity ideas to help your child or students strengthen their balance skills? You may want to try box activities for beginners in your home or therapy sessions as a new way to improve balance. Balance skills can play an important role in a child’s learning development. What better way to get kids working on balance and coordination?

Box Activities for Balance

You may be thinking box activities sound boring, but they can actually be quite fun and challenging. Box activities provide creative ways to test and improve balance skills without it seeming like work.

The Box Activity slide deck was created for parents and therapists who may see gaps in a child’s balance system. This slide deck provides parents and therapists with ideas to use athletic foam or wood boxes at home or in therapy sessions that are safe for kids.

Beginner box activities require the child to stay on the box and use it in a number of ways to increase their stabilization ability to improve areas of balance. Using box activities to strengthen balance and coordination skills allow kids to focus better in the classroom and prevent other learning challenges as kids grow older.

A few ways to use boxes at home and in therapy sessions include the following:

  • Copy the stick man while using a low-level box for improved balance.
  • Use box activities for children who are at a beginning level.
  • Increase height of the box as the child becomes more skilled with the balance activities.
  • Ensure a mat or crash pad is at the bottom of the box for a soft landing.
  • Adjust activities to fit the child’s level and increase or decrease difficulty depending on the child.
  • Encourage slow movements to really support and hone the child’s balance skills.
  • Watch the child’s posture, body movements, and neck and head placement to ensure the child is completing the exercises correctly.
  • Add toys or manipulatives like balls, bean bags and rings to engage child’s attention for fun or for increased difficulty.
  • Use exercises for increased attention and focus, visual tracking and muscle memory.

Box Activity Slide Deck

The Box Activity slide deck is a free google deck that you can download to your google drive. The slide deck can be used by therapists, parents and educators for kids who are delayed in balance and coordination. Exercises are meant to be fun and playful. Use these activities in your online sessions or in your in-person therapy practice.

To download a copy of this free Balance Beam Beginner slide deck, enter your email address in the form below.

For more balance activities, try these below:

The slide deck is perfect for both indoor and outdoor practice.

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