FOX 13’s THE PLACE: Crossing the Midline Exercises for Brain and Sensory Integration

We’re having a great time with Fox 13’s The Place talking about fun midline brain-building exercises to encourage sensory learning for kids with sensory overload, meltdowns, unexplained aggression and anxiety. Kids with sensory issues struggle with all types of textures, smells, and noises, especially when it comes to the classroom, traveling and mealtime. The winter months are the best time to give your kids the sensory input they need to succeed in school and it prevents meltdowns and overstimulation at family parties and in the classroom.

Fox 13’s The Place

So how do we create learning opportunities that will also help our kids overcome some of their struggles sensory sensitive overload? Today, we’re going to be showing you some fun and creative ways to incorporate different sensory activities to help calm your child’s behavior and improve their attention and focus.

You may think they are pretty easy and basic, but you’d be surprised at how many children cannot do these movement-type exercises. You may need to clear some room in your home, but you don’t need too much room to get started. You can also do these activities all year long, even during the winter months. All exercises should be repeated 10 times using alternating legs and arms for 20 minutes each day.

For sensory learning ideas on how to prevent meltdowns during the winter months and the upcoming holidays, read Why Crossing the Midline Activities Helped this Child Listen to His Teacher and Why all Parents and Teachers should Read Sensory Processing 101.

Thank you to Fox 13’s The Place and their staff for helping us create awareness about sensory issues and how to help sensory sensitive children struggling with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Dyslexia and many other learning challenges.

Fox 13: Fun Ideas for your Sensory Sensitive Kids |

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