The Easiest Recipe for Making Your Own Play Dough Development

Summer is the best time to keep your child’s mind and body active. Learning never ends, but we can make it more fun for kids. In fact, we can create opportunities and plan activities that help kids learn without them even knowing it. One of the best ways to do this is with play dough. Play dough is great for helping your kids build their...

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Breastfed Babies Leads to Smarter Kids Development

Staff Post: Catherine Wiberg Benefits of Breastfeeding This article is about breast feeding and how it supports brain development. Before I share the information from studies, articles, and textbooks, I want to say that breastfeeding is not every mother’s experience. Personally, I was unable to breastfeed my children. I tried with each child. I did not have health concerns that prevented the safety of breastfeeding....

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SPATIAL AWARENESS: How to Improve Your Child’s Spatial Awareness with Development Activities Development

Spatial Awareness: How to Improve Your Child’s Spatial Awareness with Development Activities This article provides activities to improve spatial awareness. Affiliate links are included for convenience.  When I was little, my parents decided to enroll me in soccer, and I’ll be honest, I was terrible at the sport. I was slow and clumsy and could not understand all the positions of the game. When the...

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The Learning Risks when Babies Skip the Crawling Phase Development

Why Babies Should Not Skip the Crawling Phase Crawling seems like an infant’s rite of passage. It’s cute, it’s exciting and let’s be honest, most of our little ones’ first step toward mobility usually follows a slew of phone calls to loved ones and ends up on social media. It’s a step we assume every child will take. But with a growing number of children...

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Why Parents Need to Ditch the Brain Games Development

Why Parents Need to Ditch the Brain Games Winter has finally arrived, at least for many of us, and you are probably already in holiday mode and looking for great deals on toys, electronics, and games for your kids, or perhaps a niece or nephew. One word of advice this holiday season, ditch the brain games! But why? Brain games are supposed to make your...

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FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES to Jump Start Hand Strength, Handwriting and Letter Formation Development

Fun Fine Motor Activities Your child has entered those critical preschool years and is now well on the path toward Kindergarten. What do you do now? Whether you are a first-time parent or a veteran, finding activities and ideas that can stimulate and prepare your child’s fine motor skills may be trickier than you thought or maybe you are experiencing a “been there done that”...

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