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Chair Fidget Supports for Improved Focus and Concentration |

Chair Fidget Supports for Improved Focus and Concentration

This article provides recommendations for chair fidget supports to help kids focus and attend better at home and in school . Affiliate links are includes for your convenience. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

Children who need movement in the classroom to better attend and focus may benefit from chair fidget supports. Many schools are providing more options for flexible seating in their classrooms to help kids who need additional support when it comes to listening to the teacher.

When kids can’t sit still in their chair or wrap their legs around the legs of the chair, they may be trying to calm their body so they can listen or they may be trying to compensate for a retained Symmetrical Tonic Neck Response (STNR) primitive reflex

Adding supports to a child’s chair or desk can further help kids when they are struggling to stay seated in their desk so they can learn. These types of fidgets are simple, yet effective tools designed to help children channel their energy, focus their attention, and ultimately enhance their learning experience.

Traditional classroom settings often require students to remain seated for extended periods, which can be challenging for children with restless tendencies or attention difficulties. This challenge is particularly prevalent in young learners, who may struggle to maintain focus and engagement throughout the school day. Chair and desk fidgets are great alternatives for providing students with a subtle outlet for physical movement, thereby promoting better concentration and improved academic performance.

Kids who lack concentration and focus may also have some type of disconnection in the brain causing their body to wiggle and squirm. When this happens, children expel all their mental energy into keeping their body still and they are unable to focus on higher learning concepts being taught in the classroom.

Chair Support Fidgets

There are many types of chair support fidgets that cater to the individual needs of the child. Some fidgets can be attached directly to the desk or chair, while others can be under the desk so the feet can use them to move.

Chair support fidgets are great for classroom settings and even homes where kids are doing their homework. Children may also need chair fidgets during mealtime or in restaurants if they have trouble sitting for long periods of time.

Fidget devices come in various forms, including flexible bands that attach to chair legs, wobble stools, and sensory cushions placed on chairs or desks. These tools allow students to engage in subtle movements, such as rocking, bouncing, or shifting their weight, without causing disruption to the class.

Here are a few of our favorite chair support fidgets to help your child or students focus and concentrate better in the classroom.

Purposeful Movement Warm-up Activities

For more activities that “awaken” the brain and engage kids in purposeful movement, download our free Awaken the Brain Warm-up Activity Packet below.

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