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In-Home Circle Time Schedule with Purposeful Movement for Therapists, Parents and Teachers |

In-Home Circle Time Schedule with Purposeful Movement for Therapists, Parents and Teachers

This article provides a structured circle time schedule for better learning readiness. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child. Affiliate links are included for your convenience.

Many parents, teachers, therapists, educators and professionals are having a difficult time planning structured circle times that not only keep kids busy, but provide purposeful activities to “awaken” the brain for learning.

Circle time activities that provide children with movement, brain breaks, music, instruments, and social and emotional concepts will build a stronger foundation for learning development. A structured circle time schedule gives children and students opportunities to engage their minds and bodies in all aspects of learning readiness.

In each circle time schedule, we want to target the following learning areas:

*Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain

*Bilateral Coordination

*Hand-eye Coordination

*Fine Motor

*Gross Motor

*Core Muscle

*Auditory Processing


Can we really fit all of these learning concepts into one daily circle time schedule? The answer is yes! It may seem like a lot, but we can add small jingles, songs, rhymes, poems and other exercises that will hit all of these areas of learning in just 30-45 minutes.

The key is to stay consistent and make it continue with these types of activities daily to continue seeing improvements, learning strides and better attention and focus.

Circle Time Schedule

If you need the 45-minute breakdown schedule, print your copy at the bottom of this article.

In-Home Circle Time Schedule with Purposeful Movement for Therapists, Parents and Teachers

Circle Time Program

As we searched for virtual story times, circle times and other online resources to keep kids busy for both our own kids and students, we realized there weren’t many out there with a holistic approach. Some had stories, while others had movement and others had crafts.

To help more students and children throughout the world, we compiled an entire list of FREE tools and resources that can help parents, therapists and teachers provide a circle time that hits each area of learning development. Not only does this create structure and organization, it provides purposeful movement activities, fine motor crafts, music and other resources that will keep kids busy for an additional 30 to 45 minutes throughout the day. And, it’s all in one place, in one schedule.

Here are some of our favorite examples, ideas and recommendations below. Many of these free tools lead to additional resources.

Home-Based Circle Time with Purposeful Movement and Brain Breaks for Parents, Therapists and Teachers |

For our breakdown, click here.

To get a copy of the Circle Time Schedule, print it below:

Integrated Movement Activity Center

The Integrated Movement Activity Center provides parents and therapists with step-by-step videos to strengthen all areas of the body and the brain. Parents and professionals can use the activity center to help their kids and students “awaken” the brain for higher learning development.

For more information or to enroll, click here.

Integrated Movement Activity Center for learning readiness |

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