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We’d like to thank all the parents and families who attended our Grand Opening Event. It was wonderful to meet all of you and your amazing kids!

Here are some great photos we captured at the event. We hope they all had fun. Come back and see us soon!

IMG_0752 IMG_0757 IMG_0751 IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0746 IMG_0745 IMG_0744 IMG_0743 IMG_0739 IMG_0737 IMG_0736 IMG_0732 IMG_0730 IMG_0729 IMG_0728 IMG_0726 IMG_0722 IMG_0719 IMG_0718 IMG_0717 IMG_0715 IMG_0712 IMG_0710 IMG_0708 IMG_0702 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0693

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