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Integrate with Success


Integrate with success is a program that uses movement to help your child attend in the classroom, improve their posture so they can read and write notes from the chalkboard, help them track words on the page as they read, and calm those big emotions or sensory symptoms.

The course is only available twice a year, so don’t miss out when enrollment opens! There is so much information packed into one program, but it is easy for parents to do right in their own living room. As a reminder, here are just a few things the course offers:

  • Videos lessons with personal instruction, testing for the reflexes and exercises to integrate the reflexes.
  • 85 page digital handbook with signs and symptoms of primitive reflexes, myths about primitive reflexes, testing and exercises.
  • Graphs and charts that include parent observation sheets, exercise schedule, progress tracking sheets, learning and motor development checklists and much more.
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions about testing or exercises, visit with other parents or OTs that have had similar experiences and receive additional instruction or trainings as needed.

For more information or to join the waitlist, click here.

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