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Rewiring the Brain the “Write” Way!

Rewiring the Brain Handbooks

For therapists and parents who want to use handwriting exercises to establish better cognitive development, emotional grounding, impulse control and muscle memory.

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The Rewiring the Brain handbooks are for you if you have a child or student who struggles in any of the following areas:


  • Tantrums and meltdowns
  • Fight or Flight
  • Anger
  • Anxiousness
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Lacks impulse control
  • Poor self-regulation
  • Dislikes social situations

Fine Motor

  • Trouble grasping objects
  • Poor pencil grip
  • Weak hand strength
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Avoids activities like drawing, writing and coloring
  • Has trouble grasping and releasing objects
  • Has issues scribbling on paper


  • Trouble spacing letters and words
  • Writes letters backward
  • Can’t write in a straight line
  • Mixes upper and lowercase letters
  • Poor sentence structure
  • Illegible writing
  • Writing fatigue
  • Poor organization on the page
  • Struggles to copy notes from the board to paper

Visual Processing

  • Trouble seeing the difference between similar letters (b, d)
  • Has trouble telling the difference in shapes and colors
  • Struggles to find information on the page
  • Reverses letters, numbers and words
  • Trouble with letter substitutions in reading and writing
  • Can’t identify objects in pictures if a piece is missing


The handwriting exercises in the Rewiring the Brain handbooks are specifically geared to helping children establish emotional grounding, impulse control and muscle memory. Our goal is to get kids who live on the right side of their brain (creative and emotional) to the left side of the brain needed for higher learning tasks.

You will use and writing exercises in the handwriting handbooks to help kids smoothly transition to left-brain learning as they grow older and prepare them for higher learning tasks (i.e., reading, writing, spelling, logical thinking and emotional stability).

Exercises, like the ones in the Rewiring the Brain handbooks, can help children who are often impulsive, lack attention and focus, have disruptive behavior, and experience stress or anxiety. Multi-sensory handwriting exercises unifies the connections between the right and left sides of the brain and shifts the emotional state of the child to a more stabilized environment.

These handwriting exercises and activities help improve many of the following areas:

  • Emotional regulation and sensory-motor development
  • Fine motor skills
  • Tracking, letter directionality and letter spacing
  • Visual perception, visual motor, and hand-eye coordination
  • Pencil grip and proprioception (how hard or soft the child applies pressure to the pencil)
  • Hand dominance for stronger writing skills


To establish a stronger learning foundation, the Rewiring the Brain handbooks target specific areas of development to help kids excel academically in multiple ways. Learning if often compared to a pyramid because kids need to go through certain stages before fine tuning their skills for higher learning concepts. The Rewiring the Brain handbooks focus on each section of the pyramid to pave the way for higher learning to take place.

When we force kids to “skip” forward to a higher level of the pyramid they are not yet ready for, heightened emotions and behavior may manifest itself at home and at school. Each level builds on the next, creating a process to follow when teaching kids how to learn. Kids who use repetitive handwriting strokes benefit emotional and intellectually. Both the body and the brain need to complete each step of the pyramid before they are ready for the highest level of
learning. Using penmanship can help kids reach each level of the pyramid.

Level 1: Emotional Grounding
Level 2: Visual Processing
Level 3: Fine Motor
Level 4: Handwriting




The Rewiring the Brain Beginner handbook is a great resource with fun handwriting exercises and activities geared toward kids who need help with emotional control and emotional grounding. In this digital handbook, you will get PDF exercises, activities and information designed to help kids at a beginning level.

What you’ll get in this 63-page digital handbook:

70+ Handwriting Exercises for Kids at a Beginning Level

Handwriting exercises require repetitive pencil strokes with helpful prompts to support a child’s handwriting development and emotional support. Exercises include circles, curves, sharp angles, waves and other types of handwriting lines.

16 pages of fun Tracing, Coloring and Hand Strength Exercises

Fun and playful activities that encourage kids to be creative while “hardwiring” the brain for higher learning functions.

5+ pages of Introductory information on why Handwriting Exercises can “Rewire the Brain”

Background information to help guide you through the exercises and why handwriting exercises and activities target areas of the brain that can help with self-regulation and writing.

Handwriting Exercises Created for Kids at a Beginning Level

Age is not specified for this handbook. All children at a beginning level may benefit from this handbook, not just young kindergartners or first graders. Older children who have emotional delays, missed milestones, weak hand strength and poor handwriting skills may need the beginner handbook before advancing to an intermediate level.



The Rewiring the Brain Intermediate handbook provides additional handwriting exercises and activities for kids who need help with muscle memory and impulse control. In this digital handbook, you will get PDF exercises, activities and information designed to help kids at an intermediate level.

What you’ll get in this 39-page digital handbook:

20 Pages of Handwriting Exercises for Kids at an Intermediate Level

Handwriting exercises in this handbook require more refined pencil grip, hand strength and hand-eye coordination. This handbook includes smaller print that is at a more intermediate level for kids who are ready for the next level. Exercises specifically target improving impulse control and muscle memory for better emotional control.

5+ Pages Introductory information on Repetitive Handwriting and Mindful Tracing Activities

Detailed description breaking down why repetitive handwriting exercises are important for emotional development, impulse control and sensory-motor integration. Introductory information also discusses why mindful tracing activities for developing muscle control and muscle memory is so important for handwriting development.

10 pages of Tracing Exercises for Muscle Memory

Simple and playful tracing activities are included in the intermediate handbook to help kids develop more muscle memory. Both impulse control and muscle memory are needed for attention and focus in the classroom. These activities help get the hands working together with the eyes before the kids transition to writing free-style.

Part III


The Rewiring the Brain Advanced handbook provides handwriting exercises and activities for kids who ready for a higher challenge to help with self-regulation, retention and attention and focus. I this digital handbook, you will get PDF exercises, activities and information designed to help kids at an advanced level.

What you’ll get in this 51-page digital handbook:

51 Pages of Handwriting Exercises and Information for Kids at an Advanced Level

Handwriting exercises in this handbook were created for kids at an advanced level. Kids at this level have better developed pencil grip, hand strength, and fine motor skills. The advanced handbook includes even smaller print than the intermediate handbook and more challenging exercises for kids who are ready for the next step of handwriting and emotional growth. Exercises in the advanced handbook target emotional control, learning retention and cognitive

9+ Pages Introductory information on Emotional Regulation and Repetitive Movements

Information breaking down each piece of handbook and target areas. Each section provides more details on the benefits handwriting exercises have on emotional regulation, sustained attention and focus, visual motor skills and memory. In addition, recommendations are included to help kids complete the exercises successfully.

14 pages of Doodling Exercises and Doodling Paper

Fun and creative doodling section designed to help kids with impulse control, brain breaks, retaining information and attention and focus. Doodling activities can improve long-term memory while allowing kids to process emotions and higher learning concepts. The first 10 pages give kids ideas and templates to recreate the images. The last few pages of the handbook include blank pages so kids can utilize this space for their own inspired creations.

BONUSES…with the purchase of the bundle!

When purchasing the full bundle packet, you will also receive two bonus packets.


($10 VALUE)
23-page packet with simple tracing activities designed for using the fingers and hands only. Tracing activities are intended to warm-up the brain for organization, visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination. Tracing activities help the hands and eyes work together for more challenging projects.


($10 VALUE)
13-page packet with deep breathing exercises to help kids learn to self-regulate and calm down when in an emotional state. Breathing exercises can be done before or after handwriting activities for better focus. Techniques using deep breaths will support handwriting exercises, calm the mind and provide kids with tools to use during emotional moments.






Each section of the Rewiring the Brain handbook has a special purpose in mind when helping kids grow and develop. Some sections target emotional development, while others focus on helping memory, attention and focus, and handwriting skills. Important sections in the handwriting handbooks include the following:

Repetitive Strokes
The Rewiring the Brain Handbooks were designed to create a “change” in the brain for better emotional development and higher learning. Repetitive strokes included in each handbook encourage kids to use muscle memory to make learning automatic. The main goal of repetitive strokes is to transition the brain from right-brained learning (emotional learning) to left-brained learning (logical and organized). Handwriting exercises can calm the brain so kids are able to attend and focus, while also calming big emotions and behavioral outbursts triggered in the right hemisphere of the brain.

Mindful Tracing Activities
Tracing activities may seem simple, but they provide opportunities for the hands to work together with the eyes to establish automatic learning. These types of activities help kids commit lines, curves and patterns to muscle memory. The more kids develop

Doodling Exercises
Doodling activities may seem silly, but they are going to help your child or student regulate their emotions and refocus the brain. Participating in doodling exercises, even when listening to the teacher, can help kids process emotions and improve long-term memory. Part III of the handbook uses doodling activities to help kids expand their attention and focus, ability to listen and comprehend, and provides an outlet for emotions.

Hand Strength Activities
In Part I of the Rewiring the Brain handbooks, activities are included to build hand strength. When hand strength is weak, kids struggle to hold a pencil, write words across the page and may tire easily. Activities in the handbook give kids the opportunity to strengthen the hands and wrists to support handwriting development and will extend the time the child is able to write.

Visual Motor Exercises
Repetitive and sustained handwriting strokes in the Rewiring the Brain handbooks are geared to strengthen a child’s visual motor system. These exercises allow kids to process information through their visual system and build the skills they need to interpret and organize the what they see visually on the page.


“All we did was brain exercises and the Rewiring the Brain activities before going to school. Emotionally he is much better and has almost no emotional breakdowns like he used to. His handwriting is really not like it was so I am going to buy Part 2 as well.”

- Daisy (Mother)

Select the best handbook option for your students or child…

Rewiring the Brain Handbook Bundle

*Only digital copies available


  • 19+ pages of introductory information
  • Access to all three digital handbooks (beginning, intermediate, advanced)
  • 140+ pages of repetitive handwriting exercises using lines, curves and patterns
  • 26+ pages of the following:
    • Mindful Tracing Activities
    • Visual Motor Exercises
    • Hand Strength Activities
  • 14+ pages doodling exercises


Your Price:

I want to choose the right handbook for my student or child…

Beginner – Rewiring the Brain Handbook Part I

*Only digital copies available


  • 70+ Handwriting Exercises for Kids at a Beginning Level
  • 5+ Pages Introductory information
  • 16 pages of fun Tracing, Coloring and Hand Strength Exercises


Your Price:

Intermediate – Rewiring the Brain Handbook Part II

*Only digital copies available


  • 20+ Handwriting Exercises for Kids at an Intermediate Level
  • 5+ Pages Introductory information
  • 10 pages of mindful tracing activities


Your Price:

Advanced– Rewiring the Brain Handbook Part III

*Only digital copies available


  • 50+ Handwriting Exercises for Kids at an Advanced Level
  • 9+ Pages Introductory information
  • 14 pages of doodling activities for emotional regulation and attention


Your Price:



Hi I’m Alene. More than 25 years ago I found myself on the path to help many students find the missing pieces in their academic journey. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how to close the gaps. Kids who had trouble with long-term academic achievement weren’t retaining the information they were learning. More and more kids were emotional, had behavioral challenges and had ADHD-like symptoms preventing them from moving forward in the learning process.

I learned when the lower levels of the brain were not developed enough, kids struggled in areas that were getting in the way of higher learning concepts. They were still living on the right side of the brain where all the emotions are housed. How could a child learn if the brain wasn’t adequately ready for learning?

After a combination of purposeful movement and music intervention, we discovered using repetitive handwriting exercises helped the kids transition from right-brained learning to left-brained learning. Emotions became calmer, the kids were more focused, and they were more organized with homework and tasks. Tracing activities provide more impulse control to help fidgeting at school and doodling gave the brain a “break” to refocus.

When we discovered these improvements, I decided to put together exercises and activities supporting our efforts with students and children facing the same issues. The Rewiring the Brain Handbooks were created to help kids at different levels. Even older children benefit from these types of activities and exercises no matter their level of development.

If you are a parent or therapist with children who struggle emotionally, behaviorally and academically, the Rewiring the Brain Handbooks are for you. Participating in handwriting exercises will create a change in the brain and will pave the path for long-term learning. Our goal is to help learning become automatic and give kids the “write” tools to excel and succeed in the classroom.


The Rewiring the Brain Handbooks were designed for parents, therapists, educators and professionals who are dedicated to helping kids excel in learning through handwriting exercises.

Our participants include many of the following:

Occupational Therapists

Pediatric Therapists

Special Education Teachers

Preschool Teachers

Behavioral Science Therapists

Education Specialists

Child Psychologists


School Teachers


What handbook should I choose for my child or students? Is it based on age?

The Rewiring the Brain handbooks are based on the level of the child rather than age. Even older kids and teenagers may benefit from the beginning level handbook, especially if they struggle with emotional development. Each handbook builds up to a higher and more challenging level. We recommend writing down the symptoms the child displays in emotional, behavioral and academic development to determine the level that best fits the child’s unique circumstances. Even if children complete the exercises easily, the goal is to continue repetitive strokes to help transition the brain from right-brained learning to left-brain learning.

What types of kids can benefit from this bundle?

The Rewiring the Brain Handbooks were designed for children who have trouble regulating emotions, writing letters and words on the page, and kids with attention and focus or behavioral delays. Any mainstream child can use these activities to help with higher learning. Children with diagnosed learning disabilities or challenges may also benefit from these handbooks.

Is there an option for a physical copy of each handbook?

Unfortunately, we do not have any physical copies of the handbooks available. All handbooks are digital and will be emailed directly to the email address on file. Digital handbooks provide parents and therapists with opportunities to use the handbook multiple times with multiple children. Printouts can be used over and over again for repetitive use. If your handbook(s) are not emailed to you at purchase, please email for assistance.

Can I keep the handbooks forever?

Yes, once you purchase copies of each handbook, they are yours forever. Please remember to download them immediately to our computer or files when you receive the download links so you can access them easily anytime you need them.
As a reminder, your download links do expire after a certain period of time so you will want to download the handbooks before the links expire.

Can I reuse the activities?

Yes, we created digital copies specifically for your benefit. We want you to use these repetitive exercises over and over again, which means you will need to make multiple copies. A physical handbook typically only allows the participant to use the handbook once, where our goal is for you to utilize the handbooks as many times as you need them.

Where do I go if I have questions?

If you do not receive your digital copies of the handbooks through email or if you have general questions about the exercises and how to complete them, please email us at Our team will provide you with help and a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Is there a refund policy?

All sales are final for the Rewiring the Brain Handbooks. Because the handbooks are digital copies, there is no way to return them or to gain confirmation the exercises are not being used by the participant.

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