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Rewiring the Brain Handbook Intermediate Level for Kids with Immature Emotional Development |

Rewiring the Brain Handbook Intermediate Level for Kids with Immature Emotional Development

This article provides helpful information on the Intermediate Rewiring the Brain Handbook. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learning and academic center. As a reminder, ILS is not a health care provider and none of our materials or services provide a diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition or learning challenge you may see in your child or student. If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.

If you already have a copy of our Rewiring the Brain handbook for beginners, you are familiar with the concept of how handwriting can help stabilize underdeveloped emotions.

As a child grows and practices, their handwriting skills begin to improve. This allows us to take the child to the next level for building a stronger emotional foundation. The Rewiring the Brain Handbook Part II is for children who are ready for an intermediate level.

Children who experience immature emotions or behaviors for their age don’t always have the right foundation for controlling their emotions. The Rewiring the Brain handbooks use repetitive handwriting strokes to “hardwire” the brain for better emotional self-regulation, impulse control and muscle memory.

Parents and therapists can use the Rewiring the Brain Intermediate Handbook at home or in therapy sessions to help kids establish neural connections in the brain for better emotional development. Adding handwriting exercises to the child’s routine can create a change in the brain for higher levels of learning.

The Rewiring the Brain Handbooks can help:

Therapists looking for additional ways to help clients become more emotionally grounded. If clients experience sensory meltdowns, anxiety, fight or flight responses and other big emotions, repetitive handwriting strokes can help. Or, if you need resources for parents to try at home to help further your progress in your sessions, this is an easy way to do it!

Parents who are exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed about their child’s emotional development. If you are tired of meltdowns that sometimes happen for hours and if you don’t know how to stop them, this is a tool that may help. Don’t let emotional setbacks prevent you from outings, dropping kids off at school or social settings with family and friends.

Teachers who need help with emotional children in the classroom, but can’t always work with them individually. When emotions happen, you can’t always give the student your full attention when you have a specific curriculum to teach. If you have a student who sets the tone for the whole classroom, this could be a good option to help the child when emotions arise. This option allows you to continue teaching while providing the emotional student with an outlet to reorganize the brain for better emotional regulation. 

What is different about this handbook?

This handbook was created for kids who have handwriting skills on an intermediate level. Even if the child is older, they may not yet be prepared for an advanced level. We recommend choosing one of the Rewiring the Brain handbooks based on the child’s level rather than their age. The intermediate handbook is for children who have a stronger concept of handwriting and more developed pencil grip. Each exercise challenges to get them to the next level of the learning pyramid. The font in this handbook is also smaller, making it better for kids who are ready for an intermediate level.

A child on an intermediate level may have already completed the beginner handbook, but is not quite ready for the advanced copy. If the child is experiencing gaps in emotional development, it’s best to start them with simple activities first before moving to higher levels. This strategy gives the brain a chance to become more balanced.

If you feel your child or students are not yet ready for the intermediate copy, check out the beginning or advanced levels here, or get the full bundle!

What does the Intermediate Handbook include?

The focus of the intermediate handbook is different from the beginner version. Here is what you will get:

  • 20 pages of handwriting exercises for kids at an intermediate level (kids with established fine motor skills, hand strength, proficient handwriting ability and pencil grip development).
  • 5+ pages introductory information on repetitive handwriting and mindful tracing activities. It includes a detailed description of why repetitive handwriting exercises are important for emotional development, impulse control and sensory-motor integration.
  • 10 pages of tracing exercises for muscle memory. Simple and playful tracing activities are included in the intermediate handbook to help kids develop more muscle memory.

A little more about the Handbook

The intermediate copy of the Rewiring the Brain Handbook is part of a 3-part series of handwriting exercises helping kids reach their fullest emotional and academic potential.

The handbooks:

  • Are entirely digital! There is no physical copy available. This allows you to print and re-print multiple copies for multiple students, clients and children at home.
  • Are all different and provide different exercises, activities and features that can be adjusted to the child’s individual level.
  • Allow the child to trace, copy and free-style each exercise to become more proficient and establish repetition.
  • Provide simple exercises in the beginning that become increasingly more difficult as the child continues through the handbook. Each exercise builds on the other.
  • Contain activities toward the end of the handbook dedicated to focusing on other learning elements (doodling for brain breaks, tracing for muscle memory and impulse control, hand strength activities, etc.).

How do I get my copy?

If you are ready for the intermediate copy of the handbook, or want to bundle it, click here.

Simply choose the individual option that is right for your child or students or get all three in our bundle. Bonuses are included when you bundle it!

You can find examples of the exercises, videos and information on what is included in each handbook at the site above.

When you purchase the handbooks, check the following:

  • Make sure you are subscribed so you get the download links straight to your email. Otherwise, your email provider may block the email from coming through and you may not receive it.
  • If you have subscribed and don’t receive your download links, check your spam or junk mail to see if they were sent to those inboxes.
  • If you have checked all your inboxes and still haven’t received your copies, email us at and we can assist.

Rewiring the Brain Roadmap

If you have an overly emotional child, they may be “stuck” on the emotional side of the brain. To help get them on the right path, download the Rewiring the Brain Roadmap below. The roadmap can get you started on ways to approach your child or student’s emotional well-being. It will also help you determine your child or student’s emotional “type.” 

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