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Join Alene Villaneda and learn how to “hardwire” the brain for emotional grounding, cognitive learning, and impulse control!

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5-Day Email Course to Rewire the Brain for higher learning!

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What You’ll Learn

Day 1:

Why rewiring the brain is important and what is needed to rewire the brain for sustained attention, emotional regulation and higher learning.

Day 2:

How Rewiring the Brain can support 4 types of emotional behavior.

Day 3:

Surprising tools we use to Rewire the Brain and why these methods are helping more than just the brain.

Day 4:

Importance of tracing and doodling activities for higher learning concepts.

Day 5:

Multi-sensory exercises, activities and tools to help rewire the brain for better memory, visual-motor skills and learning retention.

The Creator

Alene is the creator of the popular website and blog, Integrated Learning Strategies, as well as the Rewiring the Brain Handbooks. She’s worked with kids for more than 25 years to help with attention issues, emotional grounding and higher learning concepts. Alene now has Occupational Therapists on staff to expand her efforts in helping children all around the world achieve their fullest academic potential.

You’re going to learn so much in this FREE mini-course!

It’s time to bridge the gaps and “hardwire” the brain for better learning in the classroom.

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