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Math plus movement equals better learning for kids Education

Math plus movement equals better learning for kids Guest Post Jaime Neefs Instead of memorizing multiplication tables and languages the old fashioned way, CBC news reports that Dutch researchers have discovered that adding a little physical activity in the classroom can go a long way to improving math and spelling abilities. Activities as simple as running or jumping in place during repetition tasks helped students to achieve...

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Common Core Math: Situations to Avoid When Helping your 6th-Grader Prepare for Jr. High math

Situations to avoid when helping your 6th-Grader prepare for Jr. High Common Core Math Guest Post Katie DeGroot I can’t believe my child will be in Jr. High next year! How many times have you heard this? Or are you saying this about your own child? Jr. High can be an exciting new adventure, but it can also hold some confusing and stressful situations. These...

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Why Mindful Exercises are Busting the 4th-Grade Common Core Math Slump math

Why Mindful Exercises are Busting the 4th Grade Common Core Math Slump When researching Common Core Math topics for fourth-graders, I stumbled onto a rather fascinating study that was published in 2015 in Time Magazine. The headline caught my eye, and as I read further, I became more intrigued. I found myself recognizing some of the activities that were mentioned in the article and others...

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