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5 Classroom Sensory Tricks for Your Child Sensory

Classroom Sensory Tricks If you have ever received a note from your child’s teacher or a phone call saying your child seems to be disconnected from the class and isn’t grasping concepts, you may not know exactly what is happening to your child. Why are they acting out? Why are they fidgeting in their seat? Why can’t they focus? Even if your child is pulling...

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SENSORY CRASH PAD: Calming Benefits and Proprioception Development Kids need from Crash Pads Sensory

Sensory Crash Pad Activities: Sensory Disorder This article provides sensory crash pad activities to help kids with proprioception and calming. Affiliate links are included for your convenience.  We’ve talked about the benefits of having a sensory crash pad in your home. Now it’s time to talk about what activities your child can do with a crash pad. Remember, the importance of having a sensory crash...

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Late Bloomer or LANGUAGE DELAY? Common Delays in Your Child’s Language Development Language Development

Late Bloomer or Language Delay? Common Delays in Your Child’s Language Development This article provides helpful information for your child’s language development. It can help you determine if your child struggles with expressive or receptive language and if they need professional assistance. Have you ever watched a baby develop their language skills? Have you ever stopped to think about how language develops? Understanding how language...

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Articulation and Enunciation: The Mysteries Behind Your Child’s Language Development Development

Articulation and Enunciation: The mysteries behind your child’s language development Other parts in our Language Development Series: Speech versus Language Signs and symptoms of receptive versus expressive language Articulation and Enunciation Late bloomer or language delay? Early language intervention As a review, speech is about how we form words, how we say words, and how well people around us understand the words we speak. The...

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Understanding Your Child’s Speech Milestones Speech

Speech Milestones and Delays As part of our speech series, this article will focus on milestones and delays. Remember, speech is the way we form words, the ways we pronounce words, the way words sound and how we recognize them. Some of it can be seen in different accents from different regions of a country. In the United States, we have different regional accents. Personally,...

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Is My Child Lazy or is it a Learning Challenge? Education

Laziness vs. Learning Disability Do you ever feel like you are the older brother in Big Hero 6, Tadashi, who is always trying to get his younger brother, Hiro, to make more of himself and reach his potential? If you are like me and loved that movie, you already know that Tadashi struggled with Hiro because he saw all the intelligence and genius within him,...

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