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WANT TO IMPROVE SLOW PROCESSING? Add More Antioxidants to Your Chid’s Diet Nutrition

Antioxidants: Improves Attention, Information Processing and Retention Antioxidants. The word sounds healthy, right? It’s definitely one of those nutrients you’ve heard you’re supposed to include in your diet. However, the why might be a little less clear. They’re brought up when talking about reducing the risks of cancer and studies have begun to show that they slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. But these are...

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How to support the ‘air traffic control system’ of your child’s brain Physical Literacy

Guest Blog Post Dawne Clark How to support the ‘air traffic control system’ of your child’s brain If your child is involved in organized sports, you’ve probably noticed that at practices and games some children are focused, listening to the coach, and doing what they are asked, whereas other children seem to be doing anything but — daydreaming, fidgeting, watching the birds fly by, or...

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The Learning Risks when Babies Skip the Crawling Phase Development

Why Babies Should Not Skip the Crawling Phase Crawling seems like an infant’s rite of passage. It’s cute, it’s exciting and let’s be honest, most of our little ones’ first step toward mobility usually follows a slew of phone calls to loved ones and ends up on social media. It’s a step we assume every child will take. But with a growing number of children...

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