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Alphabet Sensory Activities Series From A TO Z: B is for Bubbles Sensory

Alphabet Sensory Activities Series From A TO Z- B is for Bubbles Welcome to Alphabet Sensory Activities! 26 amazing bloggers have gotten together to share a sensory experience based on a letter of the alphabet…think sensory bin, sensory bottle, gross motor outlet, tactile craft or fine motor activity. But these are all guaranteed to be fun! Every day this month, there will be a new sensory...

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3 Cool Math Games Using Sorting and Organizing Activities math

Math Activities: Sorting & Organizing As a mom, the words sorting and organizing make me cringe just a little. It brings to mind things like sorting that pile of laundry that’s turned into a replica of Mt. Everest, or organizing that room/cupboard/drawer/enter any place in your house that has become a haven for those things you just don’t quite know what to do with. Basically,...

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Why Parents Need to Ditch the Brain Games Development

Why Parents Need to Ditch the Brain Games Winter has finally arrived, at least for many of us, and you are probably already in holiday mode and looking for great deals on toys, electronics, and games for your kids, or perhaps a niece or nephew. One word of advice this holiday season, ditch the brain games! But why? Brain games are supposed to make your...

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