8 Things That Will Help Your Child's Learning

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Intelligences Checklist: 8 Child Intelligences that Can Weaken or Strengthen a Child's Learning.  Your intelligence could be measured in a single number, and that is where you stood in the world. Intelligence depends on the context, the tasks and the demands that life presents to us and not on an IQ score.

Intelligences that Make up a Child’s Learning Development Linguistic Intelligence Students who have linguistic intelligence are "word smart" meaning their strength is language. They can write, speak, use proper grammar and have a large vocabulary. Any time that they can debate, brainstorm verbally, story tell, journal write or present in the classroom, they will excel.

Intelligences that Make up a Child’s Learning Development Logical-mathematical Intelligence Students who possess logical-mathematical intelligence are very good with numbers and logical concepts. They learn best with patterns, logical problem solving (real world application) and anything to do with numbers.

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