A Child in Constant Fight or Flight Mode

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

The fight or flight response is a normal response for both adults and children, triggered by complex worries like job interviews or social situations. Parents often worry about their child's constant anxiety, which may indicate a heightened state of awareness or a retaining of the primitive reflex called the Moro Reflex. These reflexes are crucial for a baby's growth and development of motor, sensory, and brain skills.

The Moro reflex, a primitive reflex, is a crucial component of a child's body that adjusts over time to help them function. If a child or adult still has the Moro reflex, they may experience exaggerated reactions to sounds, heat, touch, and visual and hearing input.

Fight or flight mode in children involves instinctual responses, causing fear for both the child and caregivers. Understanding the origin of this behavior can help parents and caregivers better support their child, potentially resulting from a poorly integrated Moro Reflex.

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