Back to School: Healthy Habits for Children

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Developing healthy habits in children before the school year starts is crucial for their overall learning experience. These habits enhance brain development, improve their ability to follow instructions, listen to teachers, excel in exams, and reach their full potential.

Incorporating good nutrition into children's diets is essential, even if it's tempting to opt for convenient, less healthy options due to busy schedules. Healthy eating habits play a significant role in a child's academic performance and overall learning in school. Just as adults are encouraged to exercise and eat well, the same applies to kids.

Family mealtime offers a valuable opportunity for parents and children to reconnect and foster communication. It allows kids to discuss their school experiences, interact with family members, and develop their vocabulary and communication abilities. In an age of excessive screen time, mealtime encourages social interaction, enabling children to express themselves, share stories, and bond with their loved ones.

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