Bedwetting – Why Your Child Wets the Bed or Wears Pull-ups after Age 5

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Parents often struggle with potty training, especially with children over five who still wet the bed. This can lead to embarrassment and refusal to have sleepovers or spend time at grandma's house.

Strategies to help children stop wetting the bed include reducing fluid intake, having them go to the bathroom before bedtime, using a reward system, setting potty training goals, avoiding pull-ups or diapers, and using a bedwetting alarm. If these strategies don't work, it may be another issue causing the problem.

Test your child's Spinal Galant Reflex to determine if they have a larger problem with bedwetting and developmental delays. Other reflexes may also be present, but this test is specific to the Spinal Galant Reflex.

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