Beginner Balance Beam Exercises Strengthen Child’s Balance System

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Balance is important for a child's reading and writing development, as it helps them concentrate, control eye movements and visually process information. It is only when parents and teachers see learning delays that signs and symptoms of immature balance begin to show in the classroom.

The activities in this slide deck are designed to help beginners strengthen their balance system. – Use beam activities to improve a child’s attention and focus. – Use beam activities for beginner children. – Go through each slide one at a time to help the child get comfortable using a balance beam.

The Balance Beam Beginner slide deck is a free google deck that can be used by therapists, parents and educators for kids who are delayed in balance and coordination. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor practice and can be accessed over and over again by clicking on the link within the PDF document. Please download a copy to your computer and do not change the URL.

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