Body Awareness: Characteristics of Impaired or Poor Proprioception in Your Child

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Body image and awareness are skills learned in childhood, such as being aware of one's body and where it is in space, and knowing how much force one must use to move their body. These skills are second nature to us and are the result of practicing body awareness during our childhood development.

Body awareness is important for developing fine and gross motor skills, as it helps us do simple tasks without thinking about how our bodies are going to move. It is difficult for children to gain this bodily awareness as they are still learning about their bodies and how they fit in space, as they rely on their vision to go throughout their day. However, as they grow and practice, completing tasks over and over again, gaining a sense of their bodies, they gain a sense of body awareness.

Your child might have a problem with body awareness if you are notice the following things: – Moves awkwardly – Avoids physical activity – Chews on objects or clothing – Observes their movement (like looking at their feet when running)

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