Critical Developmental Milestones You won’t want Your Child to Miss

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Brain Breaks are essential for children to prepare their brains for higher learning. These short bursts of physical and mental exercise, near their desk, can help rewire the brain for receiving and retaining information. Exercise is considered "miracle-gro" for the brain, stimulating nerve growth factors, making it beneficial for all children, regardless of learning challenges.

Children today often lack movement, balance, coordination, core muscle, and hand-eye coordination, which are crucial for their learning development. To prepare them for higher learning, simple Brain Break puzzles can be used, which take only 5-10 minutes each day.

Brain Puzzle instructions: Complete exercises individually or in a group setting with a straight body, focusing on arms and legs for better sensory integration. Encourage children to complete each exercise without supervision, and if they don't complete the patterns correctly, have them complete the process again for proficiency.

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