Bumps on the Brain

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Brain injuries, whether traumatic or acquired after birth, can have various effects on a child's learning development. They can impact social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development, which in turn can affect behavior, reading, comprehension, math, speech, and processing skills. Recovery from such injuries, especially if they occur during childhood, may take many years, and parents may need to seek external tools and resources to support their child's academic progress.

If your child has experienced a brain injury, you may start noticing a difference in their academic growth and development. The best way to determine how the brain injury has affected their learning is to observe their behavior and ask them questions.

Symptoms of learning disability due to a brain injury: – Decreased attention and alertness Short-term or long-term memory loss Orientation problems (not knowing, where, when, who they are) Less able to focus on an activity Changes in thinking and reasoning Brain is tired after thinking for long periods of time (cognitive or mental fatigue) Difficulty learning something new

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