Child with Zinc Deficiency may show signs of Learning Challenges

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Child with Zinc Deficiency may show signs of Learning Challenges. Ridges and lines, peeling, discoloration, white spots and brittle nails are just some of the signs that something may be wrong. A zinc deficiency, sometimes paired with low calcium and magnesium levels, has many implications on a child's learning, growth and behavior.

Why Eliminating Zinc Deficiency Is Important If your child's zinc levels are low and if you start to see multiple white spots on their fingernails, it could be a sign of a zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency can affect how dopamine is regulated and released in the brain, which affects learning and behavior in your growing child.

Can Zinc and other Natural Supplements help with learning? Increased levels of zinc, magnesium and calcium can improve overall behavior in children with learning challenges. Dr. Lawrence Wilson's 2009 study found that a three-year-old boy with learning disabilities was deficient in these three minerals, but after taking natural supplements, he was easier to manage and more relaxed.

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