Christmas Books To Help Your Child Learn To Read

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

What to watch for when Reading? You may find that your child or students struggle with reading retention. Even though they have seen the word hundreds of times, they may still add letters or sounds to the word. This isn't always an issue that you can improve with more tutoring or practice at home.

Tips and Tricks Sight words are words that can't be decoded. If your child or student struggles with sight words, place them around the house. Remember to switch up the words often so they are learning new ones each week. This will help them remember the word when they see it in books.

Tips and Tricks If you notice your child adding letters and sounds that aren't in the words they read, pause before continuing. Help them sound out the word or ask them to say it again. You may need to cover up all the other words on the page to help them focus on the word they missed.

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