Home-Based Circle Time Movement and Brain Break Resources for Parents and Therapists

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

We want kids to continue learning, but it can be difficult to keep the brain active and progressing forward. To help, we have compiled a schedule and a list of resources that include some of the best learning tools to help kids excel in their academic development. Purposeful movement is one piece we strive to incorporate in every session to "awaken" the brain for learning and prepare the mind and body for academic success. We want to see even greater neurological strides so when kids get back into their routine, they already have a strong foundation.

Plan activities with a purpose and keep circle times structured with activities that reach certain goals. Our home-based circle time program provides exercises to stay active and targets specific pieces of a child's learning development.

The circle time program below is approximately 45 minutes. Feel free to mix and match, add or subtract any activities to fit your child’s unique learning needs. To get the schedule overview printable,

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