Cone of Learning: Creating Active Learners through Sensory Integration and Hands-On Experiences

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

The Cone of Learning is a way to create active learners through Sensory Integration and Hands-On Experiences. It is important to use a range of passive and active teaching tactics to create learning, especially for those with learning challenges. For example, if a child is an auditory learner, they may learn best by listening to the teacher, while if they are visual learners, they may retain more information through pictures instead of listening to a lecture.

Passive Learning The top half of the pyramid is made up of passive learning, while the bottom half is active learning, such as reading, hearing words, looking at pictures, watching a movie, and watching a demonstration. Active learning is more likely to help students remember the knowledge if they actually make it themselves.

Active Learning Active learning is the process of participating in a discussion, giving a talk, doing a presentation, simulating the real experience through your senses, and learning by your own hands. This is why balance in the Cone of Learning is important and why children must be exposed to more sensory experiences.

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