Easy way to make your own Sensory Crash Pad

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Crash pads are often used when children fall, but they can be a safety feature for children playing at the park or backyard. They provide a cushion for children to fall into, ensuring they can bounce back up and continue playing. The purpose of using a crash pad is to protect children from potential injuries and ensure they can continue playing safely.

1. Take your two pieces of fabric and match the wrong sides together.

2. Pin three sides together, leaving the fourth side open for now.

3. Sew three sides together. Remember, you don’t have to do any fancy sewing. It’s very basic. Or, if you do not have a sewing machine, try gluing Velcro to all three sides of your fabric.

4. When you have sewn three sides together, turn your fabric inside out so the right sides are now showing.

5. Stuff your bag full of foam scraps.

6. Sew the fourth side of the pad and you are ready to go!

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