Elf On The Shelf Activities To Help At School

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

What are Elf on the Shelf Gross Motor and Midline Activities Elf on the Shelf provides huge motivation for children to be good for Santa, why not create opportunities at home and at school to get students and children motivated and excited about building their gross and fine motor skills, vestibular systems, proprioception, sensory systems and also creates more opportunities for activities that help retained primitive reflexes and midline crossing? Genius!

Tips and Tricks To incorporate a midline activity, have your child put the hula hoop on the ground. Help them put one foot in the hoop, then cross the opposite food behind their standing leg and bring their standing leg to the outside of the hoop.

Tips and Tricks You can show your child that the elf has been busy playing basketball all night and he wants them to shoot some hoops as well.

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