Forbrain Program for Auditory Processing and Speech and Language

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

When a child faces difficulties in a particular area of learning, it's common to focus solely on that area and look for a single solution. However, this approach can be limiting, as there may be underlying foundational issues contributing to the learning delay. In reality, it often requires a combination of interventions and methods to support a child's learning.

The program modifies the way a child hears their own voice in two different ways: 1. The dynamic filter enhances specific frequencies of speech. It is constantly surprising the brain to increase memory, attention and sensory processing. 2. Bone conduction transmits the child’s own voice via vibration. It gives the child a natural and higher quality perception of their own voice.

Forbrain also creates variations in voice perception and enhances fundamental sounds to help the child increase: – Attention span – Sensory Integration – Energy and awareness – Auditory discrimination – Phonological awareness – Sound articulation and fluency – Verbal memory – Learning – Reading and writing

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