Free Core Strength Pumpkin Slide Deck for better Attention and Focus

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Providing opportunities for kids to strengthen those core muscles will help attention and focus in the classroom as well as other learning activities. Core muscle is also important for helping kids copy notes from the chalkboard back to their paper, and writing letters and words across the page.

The Core Strength Pumpkin slide deck was specifically created for parents, therapists and educators to help their kids and students with core stability. Each activity is adaptable to the child’s level and allows them to work up to higher levels. You can even incorporate a stuffed pumpkin or ball into the activities to make it more fun.

These activities will also strengthen the neck, shoulders and arms for copying notes, writing letters and words, and holding the head and torso upright to listen to the teacher. Performing these activities consistently can help kids perform tasks better and allow them the physical energy to focus on what is happening in the classroom.

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