Free Valentine Coordination Slide Deck

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Valentine's activities get kids excited about moving their bodies and working on sharpening their skills. This coordination slide deck will help strengthen some of those key areas of the body. Valentine's activities are designed to help kids and students work on motor skills and coordination.

Strengthening Coordination Skills Coordination usually means a child can use both their arms and legs in an effective way. Sometimes, the arms and legs work together, while other times they are required to work independently. Kids who struggle with coordination issues may: – Run into furniture – Have trouble walking down stairs – Can’t tie their shoes or put on clothes

Use the Valentine's coordination slide deck to determine if there are any breakdowns or delays in a child's coordination. The slide deck can be uploaded to your Google slides and used in virtual settings or during in-person sessions. No other materials are needed, except maybe a heart cutout, which is optional.

Valentine Coordination Slide Deck

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