Free Valentine Do A Dot Fine Motor Sheet Deck

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

The Valentine's Do A Dot Fine Motor Sheet Deck is a great tool for getting kids ready for writing, allowing them to use Do A Dot markers and develop fine motor skills while developing good proprioception. It encourages them to fine tune their motor skills and hand strength.

Do A Dot Activities for Fine Motor Do A Dot exercises are used by preschool teachers and therapists to build a child's fine motor skills and help them become familiar with using writing devices without the use of writing strokes. They help kids learn how to hold and grip a pencil, strengthen their fingers, hands, palms and wrists, and become familiar with letter placement, directionality, spacing and much more.

The free Valentine's Do A Dot sheet deck is designed for parents, therapists, teachers and other professionals to enhance handwriting skills of children of all ages and levels. It is a digital copy that can be saved to a computer or hard drive and used to print and re-print copies multiple times.

Free Valentine’s Do A Dot Sheet Deck

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