Got Marbles on the Brain?

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

1. Critical Thinking Lutso – Lutso is a game that engages the frontal cortex and occipital lobe. Matching the marbles with the shapes teaches kids to think about how to position both the marbles and the shapes, much like chess.

2. Memory Memory Match 36 – Not to be biased, but this is one of our favorites! This fun matching game teaches kids to remember where each color or shape is positioned on the board. Challenge your child to a memory match and see who comes out ahead. The extra bonus with this game is that it comes with double-sided cards that help kids match colors, numbers, animals, letters, and more.

3. Coordination Perplexus Epic – It’s no secret that we are always encouraging activities and games that improve balance and coordination. It’s one of the key ingredients to improving motor skills and cognitive development. The perplexus sharpens a child’s fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination.

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