How Retained Primitive Reflexes are Preventing Kids from Speech and Language Development

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Speech and language development are two important aspects of a child's development. Language is the child's ability to communicate, while speech is the child's annunciation and pronunciation of letters, words and sounds. Speech development depends on many factors, such as normal brain functioning, adequate hearing, fine motor control, and breathing.

The window for speech and language development is during the first three years of life, when children learn to filter out unnecessary sounds and tune into language.

Reflexes and Speech and Language are linked to many factors in the child's environment. When a child is evaluated for speech and language problems, they should also be tested for retained Primitive Reflexes. These include the Spinal Galant Reflex, Moro Reflex, TLR Reflex, and ATNR Reflex.

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