How To Fix W Sitting

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Primitive Reflexes: The Answer Behind W-Sitting and How to Fix it Children teach us vast lessons regarding worldviews, imagination and innocence. In addition, while watching imaginative play, we as parents and caregivers can recognize some simple movements in our children that may indicate future issues with orthopedic conditions and gross muscle delays.

What is “W-Sitting” This position is where a child sits with their bottom completely on the floor in between their legs, knees bent, and feet splayed out to the side. In this position, a young person is able to achieve a wider base of support which increases trunk stability, especially if this is a weak area for the child.

STNR and How It Relates to W-Sitting Difficulties copying instructions (for example, looking at the whiteboard in school and copying notes to a piece of paper)

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