How to Help Your Child Learn to Write

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Directionality: Why Directionality and Writing Letters Backward is Part of a Greater Problem As a child begins to develop their handwriting and writing skills, most parents don't realize all of the different aspects and mechanics that go into something that seems very simple and automatic. Dysgraphia is a written-language disorder that affects a child's mechanical writing skills and fine motor control.

Directionality It's not uncommon for kids to write their "bs," "ds," "fs," "gs," "zs," and other letters backward. Kids may put the tails too high on their "ns" so they look like "hs," or write their letters from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.

Hand-eye Coordination Children who struggle with writing may also have difficulties completing tasks that involve coordinated movements using the hands and eyes together. This could be the reason a child has difficulty copying notes from the chalkboard or they stop tracking their hand movements across the page as their eyes can't maintain their focus on the hand's movement.

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