How to Help Your Child Pay Attention

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Prone and Supine Exercises: Doctor attributes Superman to Preventing Developmental Delays The Superman is an exercise that requires the child to lie on their tummy and lift their arms and legs just a few inches off the ground. If they can't hold this position, you may see developmental delays and issues with balance, coordination and sensory integration.

Tips and Tricks Scooter boards are one of the favorites at our training center. Dr. Ayers says the sensory input from riding the scooter boards reduces hyperactivity and energizes the nervous system. After riding a scooter board, a child is often more calm and focused, and remains that way for some time.

Tips and Tricks Therapy Ball (using their tummy) Kids can lie prone on therapy balls as well. Help your child lie their tummy on a larger ball, like you see here, and help them crawl forward so the ball eventually makes its way down to your child’s legs. They can then roll back to the tummy position.

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