How To Help Your Child Through A Meltdown

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Limbic System: Your Child's On/Off Switch for Emotional Grounding, Fight or Flight and Meltdowns. Two brain systems share the important task of regulating your child's emotions. Both have distinct jobs that have differing focuses on internal and external demands.

Tips and Tricks To promote better development in your child’s limbic system and cerebral cortex for emotional grounding, try top to bottom exercises at home. These exercises cross over both the top and bottom parts of the body, which separates both in half. It is the imaginary midline, called the transverse midline that can help your child’s brain stabilize their emotions, timing, rhythm, and learning.

Tips and Tricks The Integrated Movement Activity Center provides parents and therapists with step-by-step videos to strengthen all areas of the body and the brain. Parents and professionals can use the activity center to help their kids and students “awaken” the brain for higher learning development.

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