How to Improve Your Child’s Spatial Awareness with Development Activities

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Spatial Awareness is the distance between you and the objects in your environment. So for me, it was the distance between me and the soccer ball or me and my teammate. As babies crawl and walk, they begin to learn more about their environment and the space they explore.

Baseball is also recommended because it teaches kids how to judge the distance and strength needed to throw the ball to different bases. For both boys and girls, dance and gymnastics are suggested as they allow children to move to music, learn various speeds and rhythms, and explore their spatial surroundings. These activities encourage spatial awareness and bodily control.

Games Engage your children in games at home to improve their spatial awareness. Games like "I Spy" and "Spot It" are excellent choices. In "I Spy," ask them questions about household objects, encouraging them to guess based on clues. For example, describe an object and have them guess it, like a bar stool.

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