If getting kids physically active increases their academic scores, why is it not being done in every school?

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

It highlights the significance of physical activity for improved academic performance in students. It emphasizes the importance of integrating movement into the school day and ensuring students are physically literate.

This literacy enhances their confidence and willingness to engage in physical activities. Despite the evidence supporting the positive impact of physical activity on academic, emotional, and behavioral aspects, there's a notable lack of implementation in schools. Introducing short movement sessions, like "Spark Breaks," has shown remarkable improvements in student mood and performance.

However, the resistance to change within educational systems remains a challenge. The article urges parents to take action by engaging with school authorities, forwarding the article, and advocating for increased physical activity and physical literacy in schools. The call is to collectively push for change in the education system to better support children's overall development and health.

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