Landau Reflex: Possible Reason Behind Lack of Concentration, Organization and Toe Walking?

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Snow storms can cause flight delays, cancellations, road chaos, accidents, and increased risk of traveling. Primitive reflexes are survival movements that occur from womb to toddler, leading to mature reflexes and muscle movement. These reflexes build on each other and support the next milestone in the child's development journey.

Primitive reflexes, such as the Spinal Galant Reflex, can be retained and cause disorganization, sensorimotor issues, and attention and learning problems in the classroom. These reflexes can also cause developmental delays or learning challenges. The Landau reflex may also contribute to these signs and symptoms.

The Landau reflex is a bridging reflex that assists other reflexes as they develop and integrate. It is not present at birth and does not persist after the age of one. Common signs of retained reflex include poor concentration, attention and focus, tension in the back of the legs, toe-walking, and spinal galant.

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